Behaviour Change – skills, tools and techniques

Behavior Change 58:30
Behaviour Change – skills, tools and techniques

In this lecture you learn how to use evidence-based techniques to help your patients be successful with changes that gives them a better life. And an even better outcome of the sessions with you!


Learning points

After watching this lecture, you will know

  • The main reasons people do what they do, and why changing health behaviour can be challenging
  • What three skills are necessary to be successful with long-term behaviour change
  • How to replace automatic habits and impulses with conscious choices – the first step in making a change
  • What is most important to keep going over time, and create a lasting lifestyle change
  • Evidence-based techniques to use with your patients, such as goalsetting, planning (implementation intentions), self-monitoring, habit-tracking, reflection, social support and accountability

The lecture is a mix of research about successful behaviour change and practical exercises and tools to use with your patients.


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