Mark Jones

Mark Jones is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia with 35 years’ experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy. Mark graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Psychology, then completed his Physical Therapy studies at the University of Iowa.

Having developed an interest in manual therapy Mark travelled to Australia to study Manipulative Physiotherapy and after completing his Graduate Diploma in 1985 under Geoff Maitland he completed his Master degree by Research in 1989. The title of his thesis was “Facilitating Students’ Clinical Reasoning in Physiotherapy Education”.

Mark has a special interest in biopsychosocial health care and the teaching and assessment of clinical reasoning in physiotherapy. He has conducted and supervised research in the areas of clinical reasoning and musculoskeletal physiotherapy with over 90 publications including three editions of the text “Clinical Reasoning in the Health Professions” and two editions of the text “Clinical Reasoning for Musculoskeletal Practice”.

Mark has presented 30 Keynote Conference presentations and has taught professional development courses in clinical reasoning and musculoskeletal physiotherapy across 27 countries.

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