Smerter fra Descartes til 2017

Smerte 1:04:48
Smerter fra Descartes til 2017

Smertens historie gir deg bedre kunnskap om dette spennende temaet.


Musculoskeletal problems are on a rise and we feel more pain today than ever before. In this presentation, manual therapist Svein Kristiansen looks back in time to see how the way we understand pain has changed. The lecture also consists of topics like neurophysiology, pain subgrouping and treatment.


Part 1

In the first part of this presentation, Svein takes us on a historical trip back in time. He starts by looking at Descartes ideas of dualism and pain pathways before moving towards more modern concepts like the gate control theory and the brain’s influence on pain.


Part 2

Are we in more pain these days than we were 500 years ago? Is the society influencing our experience of pain? And what is the difference between pain threshold and pain tolerance? These are just some of the many interesting questions asked in this part of the lecture.


Part 3

The third part of this lecture begins with a discussion on the different subgroupings of pain. What findings can we expect in patients with different kinds of pain subgroups and how do we treat them?


Part 4

The main topic for the last part of the lecture is the central nervous system and its relation to pain. Towards the end, Svein answers questions raised by the audience.



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