Women's Health

Women Health 1:12:44
Women's Health

In these lectures you will learn:



Anatomy and physiology of the female pelvis 

How pregnancy effects the musculoskeletal system

How female hormones impact the musculoskeletal system (including the effect of menopause)

How the menstrual cycle can affect  performance in female athletes 

Why females are more at risk to certain conditions than males 

The link between the pelvic floor, low back pain and pelvic pain 

How to improve your subjective assessment for female patients

How to identify pelvic floor dysfunction

How to improve your treatment of lumbar and pelvic pain via pelvic floor muscle exercises 

Healing timescales & guidelines for returning to exercise after pregnancy

How to create safe and effective exercise plans for pregnant and postnatal patients

Practical advice on how to improve your assessment and treatment skills for female athletes 

How to safely coach pregnant and postnatal female athletes 

The risk of pelvic floor dysfunction & the importance of the pelvic floor exercise in female athletes 

How to improve your holistic assessment skills 

How to identify and address barriers to treatment


Link to the slides:

Part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rgP3gt7Dw7CmxCMDvR_cmM6reBeI_Rng/view?ts=60db6a44


Part 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PMn6YxB9Da1Yqt_zOLPB8VbDEuUprWxk/view


Episode . Run time 24:04

Why all physios should have knowledge of women's health: Theory

Episode . Run time 48:40

Applying theory to practice

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