Radiculopathy 1:38:22

Course description: This course is designed to boost your knowledge, skills, and confidence when you're seeing patients with sciatica.


We start by discussing the different types of low-back-related leg pain. Then, we look more closely at the anatomy of the nerve roots and what's going on when they hurt and when they stop working. Next, we discuss the commonly seen but little-understood disc herniation. We then focus on two specific aspects of assessment: the differential diagnosis and diagnosing radicular pain. Finally, we look at ways to better help people with radicular pain, including key things to discuss, the role of exercise, and referring to other treatments. 


- Understand what causes radicular pain and radiculopathy

- Understand what a disc herniation is

- Get better at talking to patients about sciatica

- Improve differential diagnosis of back and leg pain

- Understand the evidence behind the treatment of sciatica

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