Plantar heel pain

Plantar Heel Pain 58:00
Plantar heel pain

Plantar heel pain is a highly prevalent condition in both non-athletic and athletic populations. Despite its prevalence, little is known about the pathology, risk factors, prognosis, and the best possible treatment. The purpose of the course is to give an update on state of the art within plantar heel pain management and to give participants even more tools to aid them treating patients in the clinic.


The learning objectives are:

1) Be able to differentiate plantar heel pain and plantar fasciopathy from other common types of foot pain,

2) Improve your confidence in deciding on which of the many different treatments you should prescribe based on the latest evidence available,

3) Have an up-to-date knowledge about the risk factors, deficits and prognostic factors that you can you use to tailor treatment to your patient, and

4) Have knowledge about stepwise approaches to treat the condition when first-line treatment fails.


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Plantar heel pain

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