Patellofemoral pain

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Patellofemoral pain

Dr’s Simon Lack and Bradley Neal present 5 short lectures on Patellofemoral Pain (PFP).


The first lecture takes you through the epidemiology of PFP, considering the reported incidence and prevalence of the condition in different populations.  The factors that are commonly associated with its development and persistence are presented.  

The second introduces an approach to assessment of anterior knee pain, guiding the viewer through the deductive reasoning approach to achieve a diagnosis of PFP.  This lecture contains a practical demonstration of how you might start to exclude other possible differential diagnoses of the anterior knee. 

The third lecture presents the optimal approaches to rehabilitating an individual with PFP.  How to tailor your intervention to achieve the optimal outcome dependent on the specific deficits that a patient presents to you with in clinic. 

The fourth takes the viewer through the concepts of movement retraining and offers easily applied tips on how this can be implemented to runners with PFP. 

The fifth and final lecture briefly presents the role of adjuncts in the management of PFP.  How these simple tools can be used in the clinical setting to modify patients pain ands help optimise adherence to physical therapy management plans. 

In addition to these lectures, 3 short, patient education videos have been developed.  These can be used to help you to educate your patients on PFP.  One talks about why their knee cap hurts, the second on how to start rehabilitation exercise and the third on what other treatment options (other than exercise) are there. 

We hope that you find the lectures enjoyable and informative.  We are more than happy to be contacted via email or SoMe if you have any questions or comments. 

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