Mobilisation with Movement within a modern MSK setting

Mobilisation With Movement 1:04:58
Mobilisation with Movement within a modern MSK setting

This session will look at Brian Mulligan’s innovation of MWM, consider the proposed mechanisms for its action, and look at the debate around the appropriateness of ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy in a modern clinical context. Utilising opinions of the leaders of the profession, Thomas presents his use of MWM clinically and provides justification for its inclusion as part of a multi-modal, patient-centred episode of care.


Mobilisation with Movement (MWM) is an both an assessment and a treatment technique which combines manual therapy and exercise, with self-treatment being a core component of its application. As such, it is clinically useful to the musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioner and appeals to both manual therapists and rehabilitation-based therapists.

The concept of application of MWM in different states of loading will be demonstrated to show progressions of treatment in some commonly encountered presentations. Thomas provides an explanation of his use of varying load and patient position to maximise recovery and shows examples of self-management.

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Learning objectives

> You should be able to discuss the use of mobilization with movement (MWM) as a treatment and an assessment

> You should be able to consider the role of symptom and functional modification in the modern clinical environment and with the MWM technique 

> You should be able to review the key principles of MWM

> You should be able to do clinical reasoning to allow judicious use of MWM's

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