Learning by doing - is that enough?

Clinical Reasoning 51:10
Learning by doing - is that enough?

We all have the same education, we all take the same courses and we all do most of the same stuff every day at work. Do we need to ask ourselves why we do the things we do.


Every patient is different, but so is every clinician. We all have our own experience, knowledge, ethics etc. that provides the base our clinical practice is based on. Manual therapist Svein Kristiansen points out key areas to be aware of regarding the relationship between the patient and the clinician in this presentation.


Part 1

The importance of thinking for ourselves is the main topic in this part of the presentation. The lecturer also talks about integrating knowledge in practice and the importance of differencing between methods and principles. He finishes off by asking an important question: When things are neither black or white, are we comfortable working in the grey...?


Part 2

What expectations do patients have regarding different clinical practices? What does evidence based practice mean? And how do we deal with the constant lack of time in day-to-day clinical practice? These are just a few of the questions discussed in this part of the lecture.


Part 3

In the last part of the lecture we take a quick look at how we may develop clinical expertise. What kind of knowledge do we need? And more importantly: How do we use our knowledge?



Learning objectives

> You should be able to pinpoint different knowledge used in clinical practice

> You should be able to describe different ways of clinical reasoning

> You should be able to describe principles of assessment and treatment

> You should be able to describe how you can develop clinical expertise


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