Elbow exam and rehab

Elbow 1:01:54
Elbow exam and rehab

Aims for this presentation are to discuss the management of traumatic elbow pathology, including fractures and dislocations.


Elbow examination presentation

The aims of this presentation are to

· Locate and discuss appropriate elbow anatomy and pathology

· Perform a comprehensive elbow evaluation, examining the elbow in quadrants to determine the cause of dysfunction

· Select appropriate tests to evaluate the elbow complex, and review the evidence of the tests clinical utility

Examination techniques discussed include stability testing, distal biceps rupture, entrapment neuropathies around the elbow, and examination for elbow tendinopathy


Elbow Treatment Lecture

Aims for this presentation are to discuss the management of traumatic elbow pathology, including fractures and dislocations. The principles discussed can be used following conservative or surgical treatment, and go from early stage rehabilitation, through to return to sports.

Topics discussed include what is the optimum time to start rehabilitation, plus also what are the best technniques to use to optimise early elbow motion. The role of the dynamic stabilisers around the elbow are discussed, with examples of exercise progression shown



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