Clinical reasoning

Clinical Reasoning 44:29
Clinical reasoning

Reasoning is a constant and continuous process throughout our lives. The course on clinical reasoning will make you aware of this process and you will learn several models that you can use in your clinic. Clinical reasoning is a skill you need to train.


Reasoning is an ongoing process that is taking place with every decision we make throughout our lives. To be aware of this process is not always easy. In this lecture, manual therapist Svein Kristiansen presents the concepts of clinical reasoning in a fascinating, clever and logical way. By using relevant examples and first-hand clinical experience the lecturer gives the viewers valuable insight to the world of clinical reasoning as well as helpful tools for use in day-to-day practice.


Part 1

During the first part of the presentation the term clinical reasoning is defined and discussed. We also get an introduction to the Integrated patient centred model, which consists of three crucial skills needed in all clinical practice: knowledge, cognition and metacognition.

In addition, the viewers are encouraged to reason for themselves during some practical examples given by the lecturer.  


Part 2

The second part of the lecture starts with an introduction to different reasoning strategies. Further on, we get useful insight to a couple of models used to describe diagnostic reasoning. Towards the end, we are presented with some helpful and practical tools to make us more aware of our own clinical practice and how to reflect upon it



Learning objectives

> You should be able to describe the principles for clinical reasoning. 

> You should be able to review how clinical reasoning can be used in clinical practice

> You should be able to design a hypothesis with the use of clinical reasoning. 




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