CFT Course with Kieran O'Sullivan Neck Pain Patient

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CFT Course with Kieran O'Sullivan Neck Pain Patient


Kieran O'Sullivan is one of the international researchers who worked intensively together with Prof. Peter O’Sullivan to develop the ‘Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) intervention. CFT is an approach to the management of pain disorders that considers factors across the biopsychosocial spectrum that contribute to the development and maintenance of a pain disorder. It provides a logical framework allowing skilled clinicians to both diagnose, triage, and target management where appropriate. 

CFT integrates cognitive strategies and functional movement rehabilitation to reduce pain and disability. There is emerging evidence that the CFT approach provides better clinical outcomes than the current best clinical practice in the management of non-specific chronic spinal pain. 

This patient interview, taken from the unique 2-day workshop shows how Kieran O'Sullivan interviews and does a live and online assessment of a patient with chronic neck pain. Kieran shows his outstanding interview techniques and skills and brings out all the information he needs for the assessment and treatment plan. 


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