Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiovascular 41:58
Cardiac rehabilitation

The lecture takes the listeners through some of the most core elements when providing exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation to people with coronary heart disease.


The lecture starts with a short presentation to the heart, it structures and functionality in relation to coronary heart disease. Hereafter a broader definition and the development of cardiac rehabilitation is made before zooming in on the effectiveness of exercise training and exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation, and the corresponding clinical guidelines for exercising with cardiac patients. Finally, the lecture addresses one of the major challenges in cardiac rehabilitating namely the low attendance rate, and in the light of this, discuss facilitators and barriers and if the use of alternative delivery models is the way to increase the uptake to these services.

A few learning points

Exercise is a core component in cardiac rehabilitation

Exercise can be effectively delivered in many different forms and shapes but most reflect individual patients needs and preferences.

Always follow exercise guidelines and have strategies to meet individual facilitators and barriers for attending cardiac rehabilitation services.

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