Bone Stress Injuries in the Athlete

Bone Stress Injuries 2:28:17
Bone Stress Injuries in the Athlete

This online course will give you the understanding around what a bone stress injury is, how to recognise which athletes are most at risk, how to diagnose the injury and importantly how to get them safely back to sport and give them the tools to hopefully prevent a further injury.


It will cover topics such as low energy availability, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports, high risk stress fractures and give you assessment tools to download to assist you in clinical practice. It will cover the lumbar bone stress injury in more detail and highlight how the active child differs from the mature athlete.

Learning Outcomes

   1. Understand the incidence of bone stress injuries (BSI) in athletes

   2. Understand what a BSI is

   3. Develop an understanding of the risk factors for BSI

   4. Help you to assess and diagnose BSI

   5. Learn to recognize athletes with low energy availability

   6. Understand the different presentations of LEA such as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports, Overtraining Syndrome and the Female and Male Triad Syndromes

   7. Step by step return to sport protocol for BSI

   8. Learn to educate the athlete team about load management and prevention of injury


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