A revolution evolution

Physical Therapy 1:32:32
A revolution evolution

Paul Lagerman AKA "The naked physio" shares some of his brilliant thoughts about the challenges our profession is up against. Enjoy one of the brightest minds and communicators in Physical therapy.


Physiotherapy’s affinity to medicine has served it’s success for well over 100 years. Adopting a postural, structural, biomechanical (PSB) approach to managing tissue injury, it’s thinking has always been focused on physical functioning. However, in recent years the clinical landscape has experienced a paradigm shift. New research, more advanced research approaches, a direction towards person-centrered care, increasing healthcare costs, an ageing population, understanding causation between pain and pathology, a lack of understanding in social studies and philosophy has begun to challenge physiotherapy’s position in healthcare. This webinar discusses the challenges that the profession faces and proposes broader divergent thinking in our current methods, with the aim of embracing a physiotherapy renaissance.

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