A practical guide to persistent pain therapy

Communication 2:34:36
A practical guide to persistent pain therapy

How can you use modern evidence based pain therapy in a practical setting ? In this course "Know pain Mike" - Mike Stewart takes you through both the theoretical basis then the practical execution of this on a patient.


Mike is a physiotherapist and visiting university lecturer with twenty years of experience managing complex, persistent pain conditions. In addition, he is a dedicated practice-based educator committed to providing evidence-based education to a wide variety of health professionals. His Know Pain workshops have provided clinicians around the world with practical pain education skills.

In this course you will learn the skills you need to communicate modern pain education to your patients. We have all had patients say to us ” So you think its all in my head?” , ”Are you saying my pain is not real”?

In this practically oriented course you will learn how to deal with this challenge of explaining and treating prolonged levels of pain where tissue based cause is lacking.

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