Zak Gabor

Zak currently works as a full time PT at Boston PT and Wellness located in Medford, MA treating a variety of sports and ortho based populations from pro athletes to inactive middle aged patients. He see's the negative side effects of our current healthcare model on a daily basis, and fuels his mission to drive positive change into healthcare via the following:

On the side Zak runs an education Instagram account: @simplestrengthphysio which produces content related to pain science, strength and conditioning, and motivation to drive positive change into healthcare. 

He recently founded a company: "The Level Up Initiative," which is a platform dedicated to mentoring students in mindset, critical thinking, and soft skills. As well as serve as inspiration for becoming vocal in driving change. 

Zak also co-created an educational workshop based in strength training and pain science which as been presented over 20 times across the country and world. He has been invited to give several guest lectures on these topics, as well as served as term lecturer for a DPT program on these topics. 

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