Stephen King & Andrew Lemon

Steve's passion is helping health and fitness professionals around the world enhance their decision making and improve their treatment and training plans through the use of objective data, ensuring better outcomes, improved decision making and operating more profitable businesses.

Having a unique background being a dual-masters qualified Physiotherapist and Osteopath, as well as being an S + C Coach and Personal Trainer, Steve is aware of the key issues health and fitness professionals around the world face - including: 

-Lacking the data to confirm whether or not they are actually helping their patients and clients
-Difficulty standardising their assessment, treatment and training processes across all members of their teams
-Having trouble standing out from the crowd and offering a point of difference in an extremely competitive healthcare environment
-Implementing evidence-based strategies into their practice.

Now, after training thousands of health and fitness professionals around the world on his evidence-based assessment, treatment and training methods, Steve knows there is a way to improve all of these frustrations…..with OBJECTIVE DATA and the latest technology. 

His personal goal is to objectify all assessments health professionals perform and help one million patients and clients each day, through health and fitness professionals using objective data strategies.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matassessment/


Andrew Lemon

Osteopath, Educator and Innovator

As an Osteopath, coach and educator born and raised in the sporting capital of the world Melbourne, Australia, Andrew often pondered why some individuals got injured and others didn’t when performing the same activities.

Having studied and researched under some of the best minds in movement assessment this questions still drives everything he does today.

The answer was distilled down to one simple philosophy.

To be short "stop guessing, start measuring".

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-m-lemon/ 


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