Laura Rathbone

Laura Rathbone is a clinical specialist physiotherapist working in the field of persistent and complex pain and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  She gained her MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Kings College London in 2015.  

She has held multiple Physiotherapy roles in London within 1st and 3rd contact environments working in clinics, GP practices, hospitals and a specialist programme.  She worked as part of the multi-disciplinary team delivering the INPUT Pain Management programme at St Thomas’ Hospital under the management of Prof. Lance McCracken.  Here she gained an in-depth working model of ACT and became skilled in session development for groups and individual work.  

Laura is dedicated to the understanding and exploration of the science of pain.  She is the host of the podcast Philosophers chatting with Clinicians which brings and is working on understanding the model of Embodied Cognition and how pain might fit within this.  She co-hosts Le Pub Scientifique in Amsterdam and guest lectures on the topic of pain and on incorporating psychological frameworks into practice.  

She is currently exploring the philosophical discussions around conscious experience and how humans interact with their environment.  She is particularly keen to explore how these models feed into the development of a modern, person-centred health care service and understanding of pain.

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