Bronnie Lennox Thompson

Bronnie's blog is read around the world and Bronnie, experiences chronic pain (fibromyalgia) and has done most of her adult life. Bronnie quotes "It's part of me but doesn't define me. I need to use the skills we talk about every day, so I know how challenging it can be - but also how rewarding too".

Bronnie, originally trained in occupational therapy in the early 1980's, but later studied psychology and in 2014 completed a PhD in health sciences. Over the years Bronnie has worked in pain management, musculoskeletal management, case management and health and safety. In 2001 she started teaching postgraduate courses in pain and pain management through University of Otago, based in Christchurch's Dept Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Did You Know?

Bronnie began blogging in 2007 with the aim to share her love of reading research with clinicians who can't get access to information because of paywalls. She saw a need to help clinicians who hadn't been trained in psychological or psychosocial approaches to develop skills that would help them be more effective, integrate a bio-psychosocial approach and develop client centred practice for people who live with Pain.

she is very active on social media - mainly Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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