Aidan O' Flaherty

Aidan is a Musculoskeletal physiotherapist specialising in running related injuries. He began his career following a short period playing professional football in Ireland where he sustained 3 ACL ruptures over a period of 5 years. His own injuries ignited his passion to help others. With a background in exercise physiology, he then went on to complete his undergraduate @ The University of Brighton in the UK. He is currently completing his MSc in sports and Exercise Medicine in London.


Having worked a number of years in professional Football and Rugby, over the past 5 years, Aidan has turned his attention to Running through his own love for the sport. He now runs his own private practice in Putney, London where he treats runners of all abilities on a daily basis. He currently works with a number of GB runners, including helping GB Female Marathon Runner Stephanie Davies on her journey to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Aidans goal is to help as many runners and clinicians working with runners as he can as he knows how incredible the overall health benefits are to running once it is kept sustainable.

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